At and Cruisin’ USA, we still practice the old art of chain-stitch embroidery. Our free hand-guided embroidery machines allow our artisans to produce beautiful, personalized embroidery on bowling shirts, polo shirts, poodle skirts and many other apparel items. Free-hand guided embroidery was very popular in the Fabulous 1950’s and could be seen on skirts, shirts, hats, etc. Many folks still love the retro allure and artistry of hand-stitched embroidery, so we still offer this excellent service to a new generation of consumers.

While we also offer computerized embroidery, nothing compares to the uniqueness and craft of talented, experience embroidery handcrafted by apparel artisans.

Even in 2014, we continue to create personalized, customized, unique clothing that continues to delight those lucky enough to own and wear hand-stitched items.

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Our price for chain-stitch embroidery is $4.95 per word. As the name implies, the stitches are linked together in a chain. One word constitutes an unbroken chain of stitches. A good reference point is to imaging writing a word or phrase in cursive. Each time you lift your pencil or pen from the paper is the same as breaking the chain of stitches.

EXAMPLE: Sharon=one word
but Sharon Ramos would be two (even if there is no space between words, the use of a capital letter constitutes a new word.

NOTE: For initials, you may use up to three capital letters (without spaces) to count as one word Ex: EAP, not E A P

If we receive an order with a name that needs to be adjusted in price or style, we will make every effort to contact the customer for clarification. In the event that the customer cannot be reached, we will either hold the order until clarification and customer approval are received, or embroider the shirts using our default standards.

If you have any special embroidery requests relating to thread color or name placement, please add these instructions to the comments section of the shopping cart. You may also call us toll-free at: 1-(800) 444-1685We are available Monday-Friday CST from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM.