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Letterman's Jackets & Sweaters, Satin Jackets & Chenille Patches

The retro style of the 1950’s is all about the fashion. In many respects, 1950’s American society represents the good old days of prosperity and fun to the average Joe. If it’s time for a Chinese fire drill or time to burn rubber, the timeless look of the satin tour jackets is perfect for any car club or nostalgic rocker looking to make a statement. If you are the jock of the class, show it off with a classic look of the letterman’s sweater, the true testament that you made it to the pinnacle of your high school. Make them all your own with our custom hand- stitched chenille patches giving you a truly unique look! And no sock-hop is complete without an authentic poodle skirt outfit. If it’s just the skirt you need or maybe even the cat-eye glasses BowlingShirt.com has you covered. BowlingShirt.com is your source for all things retro and everyone can dig that!