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I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent service and products. If you remember, you helped me with my husband bowling shirt for his 40th suprised bday party. You helped me go with a "grab bag" shirt and have it embellished with his name and a ball/pin on the front. IT WAS PERFECT! After being surprised by friends and family at the bowling alley...the shirt just took it over the top. And watching him bowl while wearing the "Saturday Night Fever Travolta" image on the back....priceless.

Thanks again for your help, quick service, and great shirt. I have a feeling he might actually wear it a few more times. It was that fun.

- Lalitha V., Niceville
Bowling Shirts, I received an order that was a last minute put together and I must say….The shirts are fabulous…..Also, Thanks to Tiffiny for putting it together.

I’ll spread the word at our bowling tournament.

- Jan S., Torrance, CA
The Shirts (and other items) arrived, and they’re fantastic! Thank you and your team so much for making it happen. They’re also receiving rave reviews from our buds and we’re telling them all about your wonderful website.

- Barbara M., Arlington, VA
To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing today to express my extreme satisfaction with bowlingshirt.com & more importantly your customer service representative Gabriel Feldman. I have never had such excellent customer service from start to finish when dealing with a company before. Gabe answered every single question without delay and the process was effortless. I mistakingly ordered the wrong size for my son and Gabe helped me replace the order & it was here in record time. I truly appreciate all he has done for me & the exemplary customer service that I received. I work in customer service myself and know first hand that a lot of the time we only hear when someone has a complaint or a negative experience, so I wanted to take the time to say THANKS & express my gratitude for such a flawless process.
- Rhonda H., Buford, GA
This just shows you how your efforts as a company can bring joy, a job and a better future to several hundreds of people involved in making your products.

Im sure you feel proud of your achievements and Im sure you will also appreciate my words recognizing them and making sure you are of aware of it.

Always a pleasure we re-started our business relationship and hope we can continue it further as long as we both can.

- Buda E., Texas
Hi Tiffiny,

My shirts arrived this very morning and they are beautiful, they fit perfectly as they were made for me! Now I look like Charlie Sheen...

Again thank you very much!

P.s. I want everybody to read how much you are fantastic with your customers!


- Fabrizio, Italy
Good morning Marcia.
I wanted to thank you for an awesome job. I picked up the shirts last night and they look great! I will have to mention your website during our show in Vegas. A great job definitely deserves some praise.
Thanks and have a great weekend.
- Dean, St. Louis
Hi Gabe,

We just received the bowling shirts today for our MIT event. They look awesome!! Just wanted to say thank you for everything!! We really appreciate it!

- Rhonda F., Cambridge, MA
Your products are wonderful and I remember first finding you at a trade show years and years ago. You let us buy your display and take the costumes home with us. We will get an order together soon. Good luck, hang in there. together we will all survive these times.
- Betty L., Temecula, CA
My little guy wore his personalized bowling shirt again today, it was ordered last year and it still fits great! We love the quality. Best of
luck to you guys
- Ariana A., Detroit, MI
Hi Tim,

Thank you for the shirts. I’ve just seen them and they look great. You guys did a fantastic job!

My father had tears in his eyes for his shirt, thank you for that!

- Susan S., BMU
I appreciate your email, I run a government printshop and had a rough couple of years. I will get my wife to order up some shirts for the kids and maybe some for us. I wore your shirts when I adopted my first child through the foster care system here in AZ. It is a little tight being 4 years later, but luckily you offer 4X in many sizes. Good luck you have a very neat line of clothing and I hope that you make it. Take care.
- David W., Tucson, AZ
Hello Gabe ,

Many thanks .I have now received confirmation that you have received payment and that the order has been shipped.

Once again thank you and my sincere appreciation for all your help with placing my order .

Kindest regards
- Lorraine, Australia
Thank you so much for your quick and accurate delivery of the bowling shirt I ordered for my nephew. He loved it.

He said it was his “favorite” gift. He’s four and LOVES to bowl. I’m sure I will be using you as he grows into bigger bowling shirts.

- Kara H., Pea Ridge, AR
Hey, Gabe!

Got the shirts in today and they look great! Thanks so much for working with us and for all your help! Everyone was very excited over them
- Jeanne S., Austin, TX
I hope this message finds you all doing well and staying warm. I received the shirts just fine, they are very nice, and I like them very
much. Thank you for packing them so well and for shipping them so quickly. I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Please
have a great Friday and a nice weekend.
- Ted W., Springfield, GA
Please pass these comments on to the relevant depts, probably Sales
and Shipping. I placed a small order, only 6 shirts, beginning of last week,
and they were here in Western Australia by Wed this week. All good quality,
and sizings pretty well spot on with the charts.
- Paul W., West Australia
Hi Gabe,

Hope all is well !

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. We had a successful event last night and the shirts looked great.
Thanks again for all your help. You've been great !

I'll make sure to contact you for the next event :)

- Samaya B., New York, NY
I just want to congratulate the company on this tremendous milestone. Every year we buy our Mom some of your shirts because they are her favorite shirts in the world. You guys make a wonderful product that is very much appreciated out here in California.

- Joshua D., California
I really appreciate you guys and the way you do business. I wish you all the success in the world and tell everyone I know about your website !

good luck to ALL of you!
(and i will purchase soon)

- Chris H., Denver, CO
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