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Birdie.jpg Here's another image of "Hugo Peabody" from our production fo Bye Bye Birdie
with your letter sweater. He loves it!
- Steve S., Ft. McCoy, WI
Sam.jpg Hi Gabe

The summer fair went really well. Thanks again for all your help. Here are some photos of my son Oscar who is 5 years old.
- Sam T., London, England
Joen.jpg Hey guys we love the shirts and have started the craze at the alley, in our second year we are still battling and winning the 撤arty. Next year we will focus on the bowling J. We are in the process of ordering some pink shirts (6 of them 2 XL and 4 XXL) cause we want to send the message out loud and clear to all men that we must support the cure for the women that we love.
- Joe N., Austin, TX
CJG___Bowl.jpeg This message is for Tim and the rest of the crew at Cruisin' USA.

I can't thank you guys enough for your speedy & ultra-friendly service. I
was absolutely thrilled with the finished product.

My son's bowling party was a huge hit and I'm so glad I chose to give you my
business. I'll definitely be back again!
- Julia, Hollywood, CA
Sugarland.jpg Susan, I thought I would share this with you and start your week off with a smile. My client sent me this photo. Looks like the ladies in Sugar Land, Texas enjoyed sporting your shirts for their first game on Saturday...all because of you and everyone else at Cruisin' USA, who made that happen!
- Martin K., Sugarland, TX
Frynie.JPG Tim,
The shirts turned out amazing. Thank you for taking the extra time to help us come up with this shirt. We look forward to working with you again!
- Frynie S., Coral Gables, FL
Military.jpg Tim,
The shirts turned out amazing. Thank you for taking the extra time to help us come up with this shirt. We look forward to working with you again!
- John N., U.S. Navy
Woodward.JPG Jeff,
these photo's were taken at Christmas. I thought you'd want to see the whole gang. My oldest son didn't get home till the next day and open his. Thank's for all your help.
Talk to you again soon
- David W., Harpers Ferry, W.V.
Arg.JPG It's me and the retrobowler shirt!
- Damian D., Argentina
BigDaddys.jpg we池e just so darn fabulous!
Big Daddy痴 Gutta Gurlz!
- Leigh A., United States
Pew.jpg Tim,

As promised, here are a few photos of members of the Pew bowling team.

Thanks again--we are the envy of our league. (Not because of our bowling
scores, of course, but because of our attire.)
- Ann - Pew Trusts, U.S.A.

Just wanted to send you a little note to compliment a nice gentleman name Gabe Feldman at Cruisin USA!

Not only was he nice, but he was so helpful!

I wanted to order about 40 bowling t-shirts for kids ranging from 2-7 years of age but had no idea which sizes to order.

Gabe measured the t-shirts that were in stock and emailed me the measurements so that I can have a better idea as to which sizes to order! That was a huge help for me! The day of my daughter's B-Day party, everyone had shirts that fit them nicely!

Gabe was always prompt with phone calls and emails!

He was super pleasant and friendly on the phone as well!

He also made sure my order came in time before the B-Day party!

I felt that I needed to send this email to you to let you know that you have a great employee working with you! Very lucky!

All the boys and girls looked really cute with the bowling t-shirts on at my daughter's

B-Day party! Thank you!!!!

- Jiyon M., Madison, WI
SolarBowler.jpg OK, here's our group photo! (That's me in front kneeling.)

- Rachel D., Berkeley, CA
Kinkos.jpg We LOVED our shirts and our other TEAM MEMBERS were totally envious! SO here are some pics from our recent event in Dallas!

- Thom S., Woodland Hills, CA
TimeCheck.jpg A Big hello to the entire team at Bowlingshirt.com!

My group and I received our shirts and had our event this past weekend.

The shirts themselves and the responses we got were absolutely amazing!!!

Everyone loved the shirts. Performers and audience members alike.

So from all of Time Check (www.time-check.net) we壇 like to extend a huge thank you for all of your efforts and we look forward to working with you guys again in the future. You guys really deliver a quality product and you do it with class!

Attached is a picture from backstage with all of us in our Swingmasters enjoy!

Thanks again
- Nick R., Poughkeepsie, NY
Cruisin.jpg Dave,

The shirts were a huge hit, so THANK YOU again! We even wore them a few days later at an event that our church was hosting that had a 50痴 theme. They were also admired there a lot too! It took me a while to figure out how to get the film out of the digital camera so that I could get it processed, so sorry for the delay! ( a little joke there )

In case you want to know who these smiling faces are, they are (from left to right)

My wife Susan Vukovich, ME, Lois Graham, Ron Graham, and Larry Hanson.

(Just an FYI: The backdrop is something that was painted by the 迭elay Rockers who offer ice cream at the Relay for Life events for donations to the American Cancer Society, and they loaned it to our church for the event.)

THANKS AGAIN from the 鼎ruisin for a Cure... team!

- John V., Mankato, MN
Sing.jpg HI Gabe

Just to let you know the shirts were an absolute hit and we are so over the moon with them.

Your service has been nothing short of impossibly impeccable and wonderful

Attached are some pictures of our happy bowling party.
- Lim Y., Singapore
IHA.jpg Hi Gabe:

I've attached a photo of of our crew at the recent IHA Show in Chicago. We stood out just a little bit!

The shirts were looked great were comfortable and did their job as billboards for ShamTastic.

- Brian H., Richmond, CA
Chicago.jpg Here痴 the back of one of our shirts.

Thanks so much for your help!

You guys are so friendly!

If you need anymore info, just let me know!!

Thanks again!

- Jessica D., Chicago, IL
OZ.jpg Dave,

You asked if I could forward any team picture that might be taken. Well, here's the "All Bags, no Balls" team from KS State Women's Tournament 2010

Cheers. We like our shirts and got lots of compliments on the color!

thanks for the support.

- Laurie O., Kansas
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