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team_prb_11.jpg Thank you guys again. The shirts we're awesome!
- The West Side Moyals, Los Angeles Baby

Thanks again for the shirts and jackets....ultra cool man...like we dig them! :)
- John P., Reston, VA

Thank you! Just wanted to let you know that the bowling shirts were a big hit.
- Tricia N., U.S.A.

The bowling party was last night. Everyone wore their shirts to work and set a great tone for the event. And our patients loved it; really brightened the mood in our cardiology office! We will wear them for special staff events in the future.

We looked very professional when we arrived at the bowling alley (until we started to bowl)! Even the staff there was very impressed with our shirts.

You made it easy and fast; especially covering my miss of two employees and still getting their shirts here in time so that no one knew about my error but me.

Many thanks for your role in providing just the celebration I wanted to have!
- Cathy B., Everett, WA
Hi, Marcia,
I just want to congratulate the company on this tremendous milestone. Every year we buy our Mom some of your shirts because they are her favorite shirts in the world. You guys make a wonderful product that is very much appreciated out here in California.
- Joshua, California
Hello Gabriel.
I received the shirts today and the were Amazing!

- Lacki M., Sweden
Just received our order & wanted to say:

We LOVE them, fastest service ever
- Dawna L., Midland, TX
Just wanted everyone to know that the service at Crusin U.S.A. is superb. The shirts were on sale and just like I was told on the phone they were quality shirts. I got the shirts in 2 days. This Indiana team will shop at Crusin U.S.A. again in the future, and will recommend them to everyone.

Thanks again.
- Ann Owen, Indiana
BayBreakers.bmp To all of you at Cruisin' USA Bowling Shirts: WOW!

Too often people do not take the time to offer their thanks for a job well done. I just wanted to say that you all did an absolutely stellar job on our Bay to Breakers Team Shirts. The embroidery was perfect and the customization of the 2-color silk screen on the backs was vibrant, clean and very precise.

I work with quite a few wineries in the area and will certainly recommend your company to them!

Thank you again
- Michele L., Napa Valley, California
OMG, you took my order on Wednesday afternoon about 4:30pm. I received this email this morning and the shirts were just delivered to my desk!!! Talk about service!!! I love bowlingshirt.com!!!! Would have loved you even more had you had the Susie-Q shirts in pink but I know that's beyond your control. Just wanted to say, GREAT customer service!!!!
- Cindy M., Chicago, IL
Hi Tiffiny, got the shirts today," DAMN they look GREAT"! Thanks again.
- Art V., California

I received all of my merchandise on time. It is all great! In fact, my mom saw the shirts and ordered one for herself from you, Candy Kessler. Thank you for assisting me and all the time making sure everything got here on time and was perfect! Please also forward this to Marcia who I know also worked on for me! I will forward pictures!
- DeAnna S., U.S.A.
I love the shirt. It came a lot faster than I expected too. I even
had a real live human and not a machine or something call telling me that if
I had any questions I could contact you at any time. Extremely impressive
customer service in this day and age. When I saw "Berry's Funeral Home" and
with that being my last name I really couldn't NOT get it. =) Thanks and I
can't wait to buy more shirts through you in the future.
- Chris B., Michigan
A love of The Big Lebowski and a chance to see Kevin Smith led me to your website and my first purchase.
I've worn Hawaiian shirts for years and have distinguished my style among this rural area. When I searched for a unique shirt to wear to an event, I immediately zeroed in on your site.
After my first, I kept coming back and picking up more. Now, I've bought shirts for my family and friends who have noticed me wearing mine.
You don't have to be part of a league or team or even have a bowling alley in your town to own a bowling shirt. All you have to do is own it.
Thanks for great styles, great prices and awesome service. After all, The Dude abides.
- Jeremy S., Georgia
paco.jpg A funny pic from my spanish friends whom i've known since i wasa little pup. The shirts were gifts a few years back when I went to visit, and they are just getting into them now. apparently rockabilly is thriving there... please send to others, with my regards.
- Eric C., St. Louis, MO
dennisp.JPG Bowlingshirt.com: we bought these shirts last xmas. This is our wii bowling team. We have a bowling ball trophy we exchange once a year (we live in Texas & Michigan).
We party hard when these shirts are being worn. These shirts are great & comfy.
Thanks from us all.
- Dennis P., Moody, TX
Dear Gabe;

Our shirts arrived today and they look great. I know my guys will be excited and appreciative. Thanks so much for helping to make this happen.


- Chuck S., U.S.
Message: Dear BowlingShirt.com
You All ROCK!
I have now purchased 7 bowling shirts from you for my group of friends -
each different to suit their personalities. My friends have now come to
expect to get a shirt and get pouty if they don't. (our ages range from
42-55) I place my most recent order just this week after forgetting an
upcoming birthday, expecting to put an I.O.U. in the card not wanting to pay
extra for an expediated order or overnight shipping. (*sorry*)
To my surprise, it arrived today - in time to be presented at a party for
the birthday boy. Thank you so much for excellent service and a great
- Debra T., United States
Hi Tim

Thanks for the reply. I am coming from Colorado. I grew up in St. Louis, and still have elderly parents there (the reason for my visit). Unfortunately, it looks like family matters are going to keep me from getting to BowlingShirt.com this trip. I will have to order online, and visit the plant and store during my next visit.

I enjoy your products, and have fond memories of a visit to your plant up on Page Avenue many years ago. My wife and I were welcomed into the facility, given the run of the back room, and then, much to my surprise, a seamstress (not a machine) actually sewed names onto our shirts while we waited! Great stuff! I emailed just to confirm that you were still there and open to the public, and glad to hear that you are.

Thanks again for the email, and look forward to getting there during my next visit. Regards,

Art Z
- Art Z, Colorado
Party.jpg Dear BowlingShirt.com,

Thanks for the great shirts. They were a big hit at my son's birthday party.
- Christine H., Middle Island, NY
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