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Cardboard Cars 40-pack

Price: Starting at $89.95
Get the best of everything when you get our assorted 40-pack of cardboard cars! Each pack includes two (2) of each model of cardboard car we carry (there are 20 different models). You can't cruise in them, but they look great displayed on your desk, used as table centerpieces, or set your burger in it to make a real Happy Meal! Perfect for parties or large events! Not only do you get a taste of all our cardboard car models, but you also save 30% off the regular price of 40 cars!

  • All cardboard cars are approximately 12" long.
  • NOTE: Substitutions NOT Available. If you need more or less of certain models they must be purchased a la carte
  • Not pictured is the 54' Black Corvette & the 64' Red Mustang
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