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The Power of the Pyramid

The Power of the Pyramid


If you haven’t figured it out already, I went through my entire life seeking and snatching opportunity wherever and whenever it appeared. While my job at the bowling alley was fun, it wasn’t near enough of a challenge for me, and with a growing family, I needed a way to supplement my income. The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were called the Age of Aquarius or the New Age. There was a flood of new music ushered in by the Beatles and the simplicity and naiveté of early rock and roll gave way to this new sound and its’ new message.

Hallucinogenic drugs, led by marijuana and LSD led to more free thinking and a new era of thought about the world and how mankind could control the boundless life energy of the universe. From the time the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1963 we began to usher in this new Age of Aquarius. I was always an avid reader and I relished that time and the thought provoking themes espoused by new age thinkers like Allen Ginsburg, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert the fathers of LSD, and the thousands of musicians, poets and writers who hastened this sea of change that swept over the world.

After reading many books on astrology I aspired to the theory that Astrology and Astronomy were two elements of scientific thought that complimented one another and that the Earth and our solar system was actively moving through both time and space (thanks Albert Einstein). The astrologists believed that the celestial travel of our world led us into different ages of man or changes to mankind. One needs only recall the words from the song “Age of Aquarius” from the New Age play “HAIR”.

“When the moon is in the seventh house,

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planet,

And LOVE will fill the stars…..

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius……….”


 I bought into this idea of changing ages and after some study found that our world had been moving through the heavens in what astrologists named the Age of Pisces. This was an age marked by a rapidly expanding knowledge base for mankind and the discovery that earth and its’ resources could be tamed to serve Man. Here is a good reference source for these profound ideas…


As we moved into the Age of Aquarius, humanity would change from the power of human work, to the power of the human mind. Even as I write this on a computer, the rapid expanse of knowledge is not just leading us, but hurtling us into this new dawn where brains would become more powerful than the rocket engines, and peace would truly guide our planet. Just think…100 years ago right where you are sitting now, if you looked out your window, there were horse drawn carts and carriages. Maybe an occasional motor car would go by, but not the knowledge of the known universe that we now carry in our purses or pockets. We are moving rapidly and gaining momentum through time and space.

Examining history, we can find that it generally takes around 3 centuries for the ages to completely change. This change into the New Age of Aquarius has now picked up speed and we can almost see the completion of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Stop for a moment and think how your life has changed these past 30 years and just HOW FAST we are traveling through time, space, and knowledge.

As we continue to pillage our resources, choke our clean air, and continue constant warfare with our fellow human beings, the only saving grace will be our move into the Age of Aquarius. The end could be a violent upheaval as we are thrust into the time of man.

When I was 25 years old, I wanted to be the pilot of Starship Earth and guide it into this new age. Of course, if you know me, I also wanted to figure out how I could help bring about this change and make a profit at the same time. This then is my story of capturing the Power of Pyramid (very much a new age thought) and creating a new age business at the same time.

Yep , we’re truly on a fast ride in 2011, but in 1977, the change was slow and sometimes agonizing. So there I was at the Bowl A Rama and I am totally into the bowling scene as well as all of these new thoughts runnin’ all round my brain. For those uninitiated in the theoretically mystical powers of the pyramid, I suggest you Google pyramid power (now that’s and aquarian idea). Basically, there is a belief that the SHAPE of a pyramid, and not just any pyramid, but an exact replica of the GREAT PYRAMID on the Giza plain in Egypt harnesses and gives out cosmic energy. The theory is the actual shape of the pyramid and the alignment with magnetic north, the atoms which compose the air , space and energy, gather along the pyramidal shape and centers the energy directly beneath the apex.

 I could rattle off statistics about the 2 million stones that were fitted together and each stone weighs over 4 tons, or I could tell you that the base of the Great Pyramid covers over 13 acres, or that it stood 485 feet about the ground, or that one of its’ sides is astronomically aligned with true north and hundreds of more facts about the pyramid. If you are interested, here is a well done, quick overview of these amazing facts …. http://www.plim.org/greatpyramid.html


This was my inspiration ( scroll below pyramid )

great pyramid-night

This is how I made money.....A great T-shirt I am wearing while contemplating on the vagaries of life with my youngest brother, Don-circa 1980

pyramid t-shirt



These basic facts about the Great Pyramid in Egypt spawned lots of studying and writing of both actual fact and hypothetical new age thinking. In my studies, I learned that when the Giza Pyramid was originally built it was covered with white limestone. Because of its’ alignment and location on the earth, when the sun reflected upon it, the Great Pyramid lit up the blackness of space. It could easily have served as a navigational beacon for extra terrestial travelers.  Many theorists believe it was built by alien intelligence because the actual construction of the structure could not be replicated today.


In 1972, I subscribed to a new age publication called the Pyramid Guide-You can still buy and read all the issues of this stimulating, New Age thinking, ideas and a new world view. Check out this website if you are interested in reading about new age tools and the dawn of the new age.  http://dowsing.com/shop/index.php

So… back to my reality of the early 1970’s. I was getting into this whole idea of pyramid power, and there were actual businesses beginning to spring up, especially out in California. There was a company that sold pyramid paperweights, aluminum tubes which could be connected to form an open pyramid. There were all kinds of pyramid shaped items and you could find them all in the PYRAMID GUIDE.

Fortunately, for me, there was a young hippie in St. Louis who actually started a new age business called the Great Cheops Pyramid Co. His name was Michael Kelly and he had a little 300 sq. ft. shop in a hip suburb community shopping strip ala 1970. Unfortunately, Michael passed away very young from an illness. In the few years I knew him, he was always helping me and turning me on to suppliers of pyramid energy products and most importantly the best New Age bookstores. There was no Internet yet, so finding these gems and more knowledge was crucial to me and the new business I was about ready to launch.

Read about this new business based on Pyramid power in my blog titled Harnessing Pyramid Power