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Poodle Skirts

Poodle Skirts

BowlingShirt.com has been proudly producing and selling top-of-the-line poodle skirts for over 15 years. Make a 50's hop to the malt shop! BowlingShirt.com is the source for your sock hop 50's apparel. These high quality poodle skirts are sure to make your 50s costume flirty, fun and fabulous. Complete poodle outfits, perfect for fifties parties, class reunions, or Halloween fun! Get the whole outfit or piece one together for yourself. Embody the spirit of the 50's with BowlingShirt.com!


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Adult Pink Complete Poodle Outfit
Adult Black & White Complete Poodle Skirt Outfit
Adult Black Complete Poodle Skirt Outfit
Adult Fitted Top Complete Poodle Skirt Outfit - Black
Adult Fitted Top Complete Poodle Outfit - Pink
Adult Poodle Skirt
Blank Circle Skirt Adult
Adult Polka Dot Circle Skirt
chrinolines: red, pink, black
Adult Poodle Blouses (Black)
Pink Poodle Blouse: 50's Fashion
cinch belts:  pink, white, black
Chiffon Scarves
Bobby Socks w/ Poodle
Cateye Glasses
Light Pink V-Neck Sweater - Small
Light Pink V-Neck Sweater - Medium
Light Pink V-Neck Sweater - Large
Light Pink V-Neck Sweater - Extra Large
Light Pink V-Neck Sweater - 2XL
Capri Pants - Petite
Capri Pants - Small
Capri Pants - Medium
Adult Fitted Top Poodle Blouse - Black
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