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group_bowlers.JPG Hi Tim,

Here we are we won an 滴onorable Mention for out attire. The ONLY reason we didn稚 do better is that the contest was for couples and so were the prizes

Thanks for all your help!
- Kathryn S., San Diego, CA
JamesDean.jpg Hello Tim,

The silent auctions for the James Dean Fan club went very well. The shirts you donated were a big hit with everyone. We made 150 dollars from the shirts. I am sending you a photo of one of the winners..Thank you again for all you do for the club..Take care.
- Sue P., Fairmount, IN
WhisperingPines.JPG Hello, we are the host family of four Duluth (Minnesota) Huskies, wood bat college baseball players in the premier wood bat league Northwoods.

Attached is a photo of all of us in our bowling shirts in honor of one of the players birthdays I had thought it would be fun to have the shirts made up...it was a hoot when we passed them out at the big bowling birthday party for him.

The shirts washed up terrific, air dryed and ironed great when needed. Thanks..it was fun.
- Julianne R., Duluth, MN
hi Gabe,

this is the video I was talking about, see the shirts at 2.03 onwards


- Simon L., Leeds, UK
WildMan.jpg Susan,

Ive been meaning to send you these pix - of griffin's shirt in action! Its doubling as his halloween costume this year too.
- Stewart S., United States
Italian.JPG Here are a few pictures of our group?e bowl at the Italian American Veterans Club in Lorain, Ohio every Tuesday on the antique bowling machine pictured. We will be looking for our pictures on your website www.bowlingshirt.com.
- Melanie R., Lorain, OH
1-Halloween.JPG I attached a pic of myself at Halloween, donning my Gutter Gals shirt! Thank you!
- Suz, Florida
Swiss.jpg Hi Gabriel

Here is a picture from our Band Joeland Plus! with the fun shirts from you. We are all happy, the shirts are wonderful and easy for playing with the instruments.

You're crazy!Crazy goooood ! The bowling-shirts arrived in 5 days from USA to
Switzerland. So fast is not even in Switzerland The shirts are super. Thank you for
this extreme-ultra-fast Delivery in
super condition!
- Roland P., Switzerland
Memphis.JPG Well, the outfits were a smash! You asked for photos and here they are!

You will love this coincidence. My sister arrived from San Francisco with
the pink and white version of my black outfit. We could not believe we had
the same clothes from the same company! What are the odds of that!?!?!?!?

We wore this kind of outfit in the 50's. I am 68 and she is 66. We grew up in that era and thought we looked pretty cute.

The auction was a huge success and I received many many comments on my clothes. I did buy the shoes here because it just looked better with the

Many thanks! I have stored the things for future use and I will not lend it
to anyone!
- Kathleen E., Memphis, TN
january.jpg Just wanted to let you know that we love our bowling shirts!! And the very fast service!! We've reccomended you to several of our league
bowlers. Thank-you!!
- Pam H., Buckfield, ME
obrien.JPG The shirts for my son's 11th Birthday looked great.The kids had a blast bowling and looked so cool too.
Thank You!
- Heather O., Seattle, WA
Progressive.JPG Good Morning Gabe,

We had our first bowling gig last night and it was a blast! A few of
us were not able to make it, but it was a great turn out anyway.

We received a lot of complements on our shirts and of course I gave them
your website...bowlingshirt.com, so hopefully you'll be receiving some
orders from our area.

Cheron Wilson is going to send you the pictures from last night. Hopefully
she got some good ones.

So, we just wanted to say thanks for everything.
- Aileen J., U.S.A.
rats.jpg Susan,

This is just to make you aware that we received the shirts and distributed them to the Team members. They were very pleased with the job that you all did on the graphics and they are stylin in the new shirts. I also got both invoices the way that I needed them.

Thanks for all of your help on this order!!
- Brian H., San Antonio, TX
BobU.jpg Tim,

The shirts were a huge hit, we had 55 bowlers with only 50 shirts, so we left them wanting more(always a good thing)

Pictures aren't much but I was busy running Monte Carlo bowling for 55(very busy)

Thanks for all your help, will talk to you next year.

Thinking "Bowling With the Stars".......see what Mike can dream up for that.
- Bob U., Hillsboro, OR
Monster_Trucks_016.jpg To all the wonderful staff at Cruisin USA.... THANK YOU!
From the time I called, had the most pleasant interactions with the sweetest staff member (sorry can't recall name), speedy service, easy to navigate website, excellent quality, efficient, and all around EXCELLENT experience. Thank you. The bowling shirts for our company holiday celebration was a success! We all enjoyed them and will continue to do so. Here is a pic attached for you to add to your abundant website. Thank you.
- Kristan B., Palisades, NY
Skaters.JPG We loved these pictures of some of our skaters in the shirts we bought from you late in 2008- everyone was really happy with their purchases. We thought that you would like to see the pictures (which I am sending to you with the permission of all pictured).

Did you ever think of picturing skaters in your catalog??

Thanks for providing a great product.
- Linda Z. , ClubAire
HotRodBand.JPG Josh:

The Hot Rods Band loves their Swingmasters! We wear our shirts proudly at every gig we play. People always ask about our great shirts.

You guys rock!
- Scott P. - Hot Rods Band, San Jose, CA
Vegas.jpg Hi Dave,

As requested, here is a picture of my team in Vegas wearing the shirts I ordered from you at Cruisin USA. The team members loved them. I guess I should have had a photo taken from the back as well showing the "Vegas Baby Vegas" logo. In case you're wondering I'm the gray haired guy on the far right hand side. I also have an extra team photo which was taken in the squad room if you would want it. Let me know.

Thanks again for the great service and merchandise.
- Joe B., Pittsburgh, PA
MamaMia.JPG Susan,

I've been out of town for the past week and have fallen behind in my emailing, but I wanted to say thanks for the shirts! They turned out great and we just took some pictures for you guys the other day...I think you're gonna like them!

Thanks again!
- Andy K., Wintergarden Theatre, NY
Emelda.JPG For your website.
Thanks for the shirts!
- Emelda B., Houston, TX
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