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What the Staff they are a Sayin'

Welcome to Cruisin' USA

(12/01/2010) Alan Spetner

Having been in business now for over 30 years, the CRUISIN' USA which has morphed in to Bowlingshirt.com has a  philosophy that has never wavered. First and foremost, we believe in our people and in the product we sell.

We currently occupy an 18,000 square foot facility centrally located in the inner-ring Saint Louis suburb of University City. This bustling location houses our warehouse, production facility and office. We currently employ 19 full time people who are dedicated to their jobs. We pride ourselves in our work and the fact that everyone who has been with the company for over two years is completed vested with company-paid health insurance.

Our Warehouse

We design, print, embroider and create our own product line. We work closely with overseas manufacturers who understand our demand for timely delivery and quality garment construction. All decorating of our products takes place here at our plant. We strive hard to keep our goods in stock, but we are honest when we cannot deliver your product on time, and can offer you many alternatives.

Please Stay tuned as our employees keep you abreast of what is going on within our company throughout the year. 

Can't Wait
Looking forward to reading more!
(November 29, 2010 ~ 2:33 PM)
By Anonymous