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What the Staff they are a Sayin'

New man on the job-

(01/18/2011) Cedric Jones




Five minutes into the interview, I knew that I wanted to work for Alan Spetner.  Forever.  To say he is a good man, is like saying the ’64 Shelby A C Cobra is a good car.  He is an even-tempered, modest, unpretentious kind man whose faith in human nature is unshakable.  He doesn’t just see the good in people, he mines it like a precious ore.  This is most evident in the “cast of characters” he has assembled at Bowlingshirt.com.  Everybody in the company is as perfectly matched for their job as the actors in the “Green Acres” ensemble.  Every CEO says that his people are the most important component in the company.  Alan Spetner means it. 

            All of this is reflected is the quality of goods and services at Bowlingshirt.com.  Our motto is: “Making the world a better place one bowling shirt at a time.”  I thought this was kind of corny until I saw Marcia tracking down a one-shirt order like the fate of the company depended on it.  The many accolades that the company has received for outstanding service and first-class workmanship are well deserved.  Look out Southwest, Bowlingshirt.com is the new best place in the country to work.  I sincerely believe that if Alan were to announce that he did not know when we would get paid again, everybody would still show up every day.  We love this guy.  Hey, we love his wife, Helene, too.  She is every bit his equal.  To have them both at the helm of the company is like hitting the lottery.  Twice.

            Lest I have left any room for doubt, I love my job.  The camaraderie of my co-workers make it more like going to hang out with some cool people for a while than going to “work.”  I know I’ve only been there a few weeks but I don’t expect my feelings to change.  Heck, Eva retired years ago and she’s still in love with the place.  And so, I close with a modified version of the last line of “ Casablanca:”  “Cruisin’, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


Cedric Jones

Cruisin’ Since 12/1/2010


Pictured below is Alan Spetner on left and Cedric Jones on the right. This was Cedric's second day of work and he hasn't missed one hour since