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How we make the world a BETTER PLACE....one bowling shirt at a time

(01/25/2011) Cedric Jones


Making the World a Better Place, One Bowling Shirt at a Time



Guy comes in clutching a shirt that his wife had bought him.

  Nice shirt, but it was too small.  “I’d like to exchange it for a larger size, or maybe a different shirt if you don’t have it in a larger size,” he says, a bit apprehensive. “Well, let’s go see what we got,” Tim says, inviting him to peruse the warehouse.  “I apologize in advance for anything you see that might offend you,” he added.  You really have to know Tim to understand that remark.

HERE'S TIM-GM / Partner BowlingShirt.com



  In just a couple of minutes, he and the guy were old friends and the guy was perfectly at home. I’m sure he would have been surprised to know that his new friend was actually a partner and General Manager of the company.  (Tim, like Will Rogers, has never met a man he didn’t like.  Well, maybe one or two.  I think he met a woman once that he wasn’t real crazy about, too.)  He wasn’t confined to the waiting area, he had the run of the place.  He’d bought a shirt.  At least his wife had.  Same diff.  Well, he opted for one of our snazzy Alley Kings and got his name put on it!

 While he waited for his name to be hand-stitched on his new shirt, he had a great time tooling around the showroom located in front of our warehouse.


The Showroom at BowlingShirt.com


  I say showroom, but it’s really a lot more than that.  There are racks of great closeout stuff at great prices, and one of the best collections of ‘50’s and ‘60’s memorabilia in the country.  It’s a veritable museum, I tell you.  And, it’s open to the public, I might add.

Turns out our guy had another old friend in the house.  He remembered Dave from a pool game a while back, and Dave recognized him as “The Shaker” from the Blues games.

Here's Dave - Our salesman Extraordinaire



Here's our happy customer- RICH POTTER aka "The SHAKER" w/ his wife at a St. Louis BLUES hockey Game



If you'd like to see how Rich earned his name.... Click link below




So after a mini reunion, Rich left there a happy camper.  He’d made some new friends and had a really cool shirt with his name on it.  And the best he was hoping for was a shirt that fit.

I get it. “Making the World a Better Place…One Bowling Shirt at a Time.”  The bowling shirt is the vehicle.  It will get our foot in the door.  Then we take a cue from Tim and Dave and make somebody feel good.

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Here's the author of this blog-Cedric Jones