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What the Staff they are a Sayin'

From The Wholesale Desk

(12/10/2010) Tim Coggeshall

Back on the Road Again….

TheCruisinUSA Brand will get back out on the road.  After a few years hiatus from Trade Shows we will start 2011 off with a bang at the HUGE PPAI Expo trade show in Las Vegas. This is an amazing show that every PPAI/ASI member should attend.  Our booth number is  #324  come by and see us. Myself , Dave or Gabe will gladly show you our new line of shirts perfect for the Ad Specialty Market (ASI). This show starts on Jan.11 and runs through Jan 14th. It is in the beautiful Mandalay Bay  Mandalay Bay hotel.

After the PPAI show we will be at the Halloween and Costume Show. This show tailors to the Halloween, Haunted House, and general costume market. It also features a special section aimed at the Party Store business. We all know over the past few years Halloween has grow into one of Americans biggest Holidays, ESPECIALLY for adults. just look at this Halloween wiki article

The Halloween show landed in our back yard this year. Yep it will be held in good'ole St. Louis on March 10th through the 13th.  We look forward to seeing lots of old GHOULfriends (sorry). We also look forward to meeting many new friends. So all you Costume Houses, Theater Houses, and Party Stores mark your calendar Come see us CruisinUSA at the Halloween show in St. Louis our booth number is 1933......


Hi guys- I love Halloween so I'll definitely stop by the convention! Plus to see my old friend - Tim C : )
(January 12, 2011 ~ 6:46 AM)
By Lisa C

Halloween and Costume Show
How I remember attending my first Halloween and Costume Show with you guys. What A BLAST.
(December 13, 2010 ~ 1:53 PM)
By Steven Price