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Bubbe Sherry: A Great Perk

(02/16/2011) Cedric Jones

Bubbe Sherry: A Great Perk

Baba sherry2010



Some people just make you feel better.  They don’t have to do anything, they don’t have to say anything.  When they show up, the day just gets a little brighter.  Helene’s mother  is such a person.  Now, if you’ve been following this blog, you know that Helene is Alan’s wife.  Who is Alan?!?  Very funny. 

Anyway, Bubbe Sherry is a remarkable woman ( bubbe, pronounced buh-be, is Yiddish for grandmother).  She is as sharp as a tack, as curious as a cat, and as nimble as a ballerina. Now I’m not about to reveal her age on the world-wide-web, but I will say this:  As a young girl, she would have been able to catch the original broadcast of Orson Wells’ “The War of the Worlds.”    She is the quintessential grandmother.  To know her is to claim her.

Bubbe Sherry takes full advantage of her ties to the top:  She comes to work when she feels like it, and goes home when she feels like it.  But don’t get it twisted.  When she is there, she is very productive.  She is also a great motivator.  Everybody’s spirit is a little higher when she’s around.

All of this is well and good, but one of the things I admire most about Bubbe Sherry is her ability to make sandwiches that are a work of art.  I’m talking about sandwiches that look like the sandwiches you see in a magazine.  They don’t even look real.  The bread is golden brown, the lettuce is the perfect shade of green, the tomato is ruby red, and it is perfectly assembled. I’ve never seen anything like it.  Except in a magazine.  She could teach college-level sandwich making.

Bubbe Sherry is yet another example of why I love my job.  To be able to spend time with her at work is a great perk.  It’s not an on-site gym, but it’s close.