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Sgt. Spetner's Lonely Hearts Club Band

(01/14/2011) Alan Spetner

Some of the most fun the Spetner family had was over a period of 15 years. As the family grew older and the 7 siblings began to have their own families and began to live away from St. Louis, we started having family reunions which were aptly named Camp Spetner. We chose great vacations spots like Estes Park, CO, Maui, Lake of the Ozarks, Huntington Lake near Yosemite, Ca., Huntsville, Al., Yachats, Or., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Carpentareia, CA., June Lake, CA., Stowe, VT.

We watched as little ones were born and grew but mostly we gathered for our Mom, Baba Lil Spetner, who loved all of her children and loved Camp Spetner even more. Finally in 2006, Lil passed away, the little kids had gone away to college and even the little grandchildren grew up and married. Camp Spetner as we once knew it has come to an end, but will always be remembered.

One thing that was constant in all of our trips was that Helene and I were responsible for making a Camp Spetner shirt. Since everyone looked forward to the first campfire night and the presentation of that year's souvenir shirt to all attendees, we worked harder every year so the shirt would be better than the year before.

Finally, as we became more skilled in the new computer programs like photoshop and were able to make digital prints on T-Shirts, we reached the pinnacle of Camp T-Shirts. Thanks to Helene Spetner who gathered the pictures and came up with this novel idea. She put a lot of work into this shirt, but it was worth it.

So may I introduce to you,the act you’ve known for all these years

Sgt.Spetner’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt Spetner

Here is a rundown of who's who in the Spetner family

Bottom row L to R

                Brother Donnie Spetner in drag on Alan’s shoulder( circa 1965), Donnie's son Finnie, Brother Bob Spetner's son Ben as a 2 year old

2nd Row from Bottom L to R

                Robbie Spetner aka “the BEE”, Jamie Spetner, Laurie Goodman-Spetner, Kacey McKee Spetner

3rd Row from Bottom L to R

                GeorgeAnne McKee, Paul, Ringo, John, George, Gail DeWoskin Halinka, (The PEPPERS..David Spetner, Don Spetner , Bob Spetner,  Steve Spetner, Uncle Charlie BIanco, Aunt Annie Bianco, Sam Spetner, Annielle Fredman, Alan as soldier

3rd Row R to L

                Ethel ( our live in lady who raised all of us) Elana Spetner, David Kramer, Marcie Spetner ,Rob Spetner (tiny in poodle skirt outfit, Rebecca Spetner

4th Row R to L

                Baba Ida Katz, Grandma Rose Spetner,

4th Row L to R

                Lynn DeWoskin Covarruvias, Sheila DeWoskin, Jorge Covarruvias, Brando, Bobbi Kramer, Judy Kaplam Handelman, Michelle Spetner, Carol Pessin, Ian Spetner, Helene Spetner, Baba Lil, Amy Spetner Dughty, Rob Spetner, Josh Margulis

5th Row L to R

                Ricky Baker’s kids, Mamie SIlverman, Esther Goldenhersh, W.C. Fields, Alan Spetner, Jerry McKee, Adam Pessin, Abby Pessin Goldberg,  Zac Pessin, Gigi Kramer, Cousin Debbie, Harry Lurie, Buddy Spetner, Shelly Fredman, Carmi Fredman, Zada Katz, Elly SPetner Fredman

Top Row L to R

                Ricky Baker, Kacey McKee Spetner, Elana Spetner, Joan Goodman, Jimmy Goodman, Eleanor Pessin, Barry Pessin, Katherine Spetner, Michelle Spetner, Rabbi Epstein, Rabbi Asher, Baba Sherry Kaplan, Zada Sol Kaplan, Baba Lil, Aunt Sylvia DeWoskin, Uncle Shelly Katz 


Photo and Blog
Dorothy Rosen ~ January 31, 2011 ~ 6:33 AM
- Hello from Alan
Alan ~ February 03, 2011 ~ 6:42 PM