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Our Customers Say:

The Long Lost “Art” of Chainstitching


Looking back at my childhood I really didn’t notice what my parents did for a living. I mean, I knew the business that they had, and all the places we went to try and sell stuff, but I never really considered what they did an art. It wasn’t until much later into my late 30’s (which is how old I am now) that I realize the true talent my mother, sister, and several employees past and present truly have.

Yesterday I was walking a customer through our building and showing them what we do. We walked through the screen print department, which I will write about at a later time, and moved on to the embroidery area. As we approached the embroidery machines we could see one of our employee’s chainstitching names on to some bowling shirts. The customer looked at me and remarked “Is she sewing that by hand?” Of course I said yes, and kept talking about whatever we were discussing like it was no big deal. Meanwhile the customer was mesmerized by what she saw, and could not stop staring. She watched in awe for a few minutes as several shirts had names embroidered on them. She told me that she had never seen anything like that before. I told her “we don’t just do names on the chest of shirts, but we can fully customize a logo on the back too.”

This got me to thinking of how many places do screen printing and embroidery. I figured there had to be 20-30 in the Saint Louis area alone. That may be a conservative number. So I started to look to see how many people could chainstitch. To my surprise, I could not find anyone.  I found some people in their homes who hand make cross stitched items, but not one single company that offers it. 


It was right then and there I realized what set our company apart from the competition. We truly have an authentic method for customizing our bowling shirts, baby bibs & panties, and numerous other items. The same machine also allows us to make poodles for our poodle skirts and other chenille patches. That will be discussed in a future blog. I will make sure one of our staff puts together a video to show you the Long Lost “Art” of Chainstitching, as it is amazing to watch and also what sets us apart. For a society who likes to turn to technology to solve problems, create products and a million other uses, this is one area where computers just can not compete. 


For anyone out there that is interested in learning how to chainstitch, there is a how to DVD that my mom sells, and can be purchased from her. You can contact her at helene@bowlingshirt.com.