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Our Customers Say:

My worst day bowling is better than my best day at work!


As spring approaches, I can not help but get excited that it is almost time to go bowl the Greater Ozark Tournament. While I do not do a lot of bowling any longer, I can not help but to enjoy this particular event. No longer for the chance of winning one of the events or for the bracket opportunities that exist, but rather that I get to see some of my closest friends once a year.

For the last 16 years, a core group of friends have been bowling this tournament together. We have also bowled many others on occasion, but not with the same regularity. Also, this is where most of us attended college at some point in our collegiate lives. For most of us we grew up bowling in junior leagues together, and 20+ years later, we travel from around the country individually to meet in Springfield, MO. For those 48 hours, we get to relive our youth, reminisce about the good old days when we were competitive, have a few drinks, and really enjoy some of the small things in life. Bowling is what made this possible.

Lucky for me, I work for BowlingShirt.com. Over the years I have sponsored the team with shirts. Not every year do I provide new shirts, but I think this year will definitely be time to do that. People (mainly myself) have put on a few pounds, and styles change. Also, team bowling shirts are fun. We definitely get recognized while we are bowling, and also it creates a bond amongst our bowlers. While we have shared this bond for 20 or so years, it only grows stronger by meeting once a year and the bowling shirts add to that bond.

Selling bowling shirts, along with other decorated apparel for a most of my adult life, I have been known as the go to guy to buy shirts. But in this case, I am guy who gets to surprise his friends with new shirts for their once a year gathering. That alone makes this trip fun for me, and I look forward to reuniting once again for the 17th time at the Greater Ozark!