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Our Customers Say:

If I could go back in time, it would be to the Fabulous 50’s



 The 1950’s was definitely an exciting time in American culture, so I’m told. With World War II ending, the baby boom taking place, an economic boom of epic proportion, and fashion changes like never before, it was definitely America’s time. People want to remember the good old days, and seeing people dressed in Poodle Skirts andLetter Sweaters certainly bring back those memories. I wish sometimes I had lived during that time period. The world seemed like a happier place, and definitely less complicated.

I remember as a kid my parents taking me to classic car shows. It was part of our business, but also a lot of fun. I recall walking up and down the rows of cars looking at how each car was painted and cared for with the utmost scrutiny. Also, the owners of the cars were next to them dressed in their 50’s outfits as if  they were living in another era. The ladies dressed in poodle skirts with their hair tied up with Chiffon Scarves. The men dressed in Jeans and a White T-shirt or bowling shirt. Honestly, the car shows in New Jersey reminded me a lot of West Side Story, less the fighting. The guys had smokes rolled up in their sleeves. It was a sight to behold.

These car shows were not just people showing off their fancy vehicles. They were there to enjoy an entire extended weekend of festivities. They had flame shooting contests out of their tail pipes, a cappella groups singing songs from the 50’s, I cream vendors cruising around on motorcycles, and of course The Prom. Everyone attended the big Saturday Night prom in their best gear. The hoods still showed up in their White T’s and leather jackets, others showed up in their bowling shirts, and some wore tuxedos. The ladies were dressed to the nines in their flowing gowns and probably too much cleavage hanging out. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. It just seemed like they were living in a time that fun all the time. I realize this is not reality, but as a teenager watching adults, this is how I remember it.


The irony for me, is I work in a place that sells products of the fabulous fifties.Bowlingshirt.com is the leader in not only bowling shirts, but making poodle skirts with hand sewn chenille poodles, letter sweaters for those wanting to relive the good old days, and of course all the necessary accessories to go with your 50’s outfit. It seems as if some things are timeless, and the fashion for the 50’s seems to be true to that. Luckily, we get to make people smile with the clothes we produce, so they can relive the glory days. If I could go back in time, I would like to experience this first hand. My own personal “Back to the Future” experience. Maybe a trip to Lead East is in my future again!!!